As a huge music fanatic throughout his whole life, Scotty had posters stacking up in his folder and was running out of wall space. Posters are such a beautiful way to commemorate a favorite show— but he thought, it was crazy that there weren’t more ways.

With a tight-knit group of live concert friends, they constantly debated which shows of all time have the best setlist ever. Everyone always had a different opinion, reason, memory, or experience as to why a show was the most special.

At concerts, in the back of his mind, Scotty always hoped to snag the official setlist from the stage or catch the guitar pick or drumstick used during the show. After acquiring a few of these coveted items, he was struck with inspiration— make a permanent, custom setlist that could be hung on the wall proudly as he does with his official concert posters.

Since creating his first prototype in June 2020, Scotty has made over 300 custom setlists for live music lovers, spanning every genre and 50+ artists. Every new custom piece of art allows him to dive deeper into the artists and shows that others love, expanding his evergrowing love of music. As time has gone on, Sets by Scotty has evolved in approach, and artistic style— he’s always pushing the boundaries of his previous work.

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